Week 13: Does peer critique really improve final drafts? (We’re about to find out!)

I think our intense focus on peer review during Week 12 is going to pay off when you submit the final drafts of your Unit #3 projects; I hope you feel the same way. In order to keep things as fair as possible, here are the slightly adjusted due dates for the two big components of Unit #3:

  • Regardless of when you are delivering your presentation, your PowerPoint file should be submitted before you go to bed on Sunday night, November 17. To submit your PowerPoint file, name it “Full Name Interrogating the Interface.ppt” (e.g., my file would be called “Quinn Warnick Interrogating the Interface.ppt”), then upload it to your shared Google Drive folder. You will not be able to make any changes to your file after Sunday night, so please make sure that your presentation is completely finished before you upload it. (Don’t forget to take advantage of the “presenter notes” feature in PowerPoint, especially if you plan to read any portions of your presentation.)
  • Your essay/website is due before you come to class on Wednesday, November 20. To submit your essay, simply email me with the URL for your website.

Both sessions of class next week will be devoted to your “Ignite” presentations, which will be delivered in this order: Briana, Margaret, Matt, Sarah, Tim, Kristin, Lindsay, Abbey, Jess, Emily G., Emily W., Amy, Daniel, Jenni, Erika, Michael, Haley, Allison, Courtney, Heather. We’ll enjoy as many of these as we can on Monday, then finish on Wednesday. We’ll wrap up Wednesday by talking about the Unit #4 project, which will keep us busy for the remainder of the semester.

Finally, a quick note about your blogs: Several of you are doing much better at keeping up with your weekly posts, but a few of you really need to buckle down during the next few weeks. During Week 13, you could write a short post that links to your Interrogating the Interface site and shares some “behind the scenes” information about the process you used to create it. Or you could write a post that tackles these questions, in preparation for Unit #4: How accurate are media portrayals of your generation’s relationship with technology? What do stories about “Millennials” and “Digital Natives” get right? What do they get wrong?

As always, if you have any questions about these plans, please let me know.