Week 14: What do multimodal arguments look like? What can we learn from others’ scholarly webtexts?

I hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving break! With Unit #3 behind us, we can focus all of our energy for the remainder of the semester on Unit #4, the Scholarly Webtext. I’ve given you a great deal of freedom on this assignment, both in terms of your topic and the format in which you present your argument. All that I ask is for you to use that freedom wisely, to do something you haven’t tried before and to take seriously the prospect that you can reach an audience beyond your classmates and your professor.

We’ll spend most of Week 14 helping you refine your plans for Unit #4 and make progress on your individual project. Here’s how we’ll use our time in class and what you need to do to prepare:

If you have questions about these plans, or if you would like to discuss your Unit #4 topic with me before you draft your plan of action, please email me. Otherwise, I’ll see you after the break!