Week 15 and Finals Week: How can we refine and revise our webtexts to connect with the largest possible audience?

I know it will break your hearts to read these words, but here goes: this is the final website update for the semester. Congratulations — you’re almost done with Writing and Digital Media! I have been so impressed with your flexibility, your willingness to experiment with new tools, and your collegiality with one another this semester. You have created some amazing projects for our first three assignments, and I am especially excited to see how your scholarly webtexts turn out.

Here’s how we’ll spend our last two days of class:

  • On Monday, we will use the entire class period as a Unit #4 workshop session. Each of you are working on different topics using different platforms, so most of your work will be individual; however, I’ll try to help you identify other students who might be struggling with some of the same issues you’re facing with your project. In addition, I will be available during the entire class period to help you solve technical problems or just to give my initial impressions of your webtext. The only requirement for Monday is that you come to class ready to work on your project and stay focused on that work for the entire class session, so please bring any materials (physical or digital) that you might need.
  • On Wednesday, we will conduct our last peer critique session of the semester. You should come to class ready to share a full, finished draft of your project with your classmates. The further along your project is on Wednesday, the better the feedback you’ll receive and the better your revised project will turn out, so please treat Wednesday as a “hard” deadline for Unit #4. Also, please don’t forget that the Innovation Space will be collecting your iPads at the beginning of class. If you haven’t turned yours in already, be sure to bring it to class, along with its case and charger.

We will not meet as a class during Finals Week, so please remember to submit your final project no later than Wednesday, December 18, at 7:45 p.m. (our university-appointed time for the final exam). Please review the instructions for submitting your memo of transmittal and make sure that your project is live and viewable on the web before the deadline. Wednesday evening is also the deadline for adding posts to your ENGL 3844 blog, so please be sure to publish any posts you would like me to consider when I assign your end-of-semester blogging grade. (If you need a few more posts, you should be blogging about your composing process for the scholarly webtext, the tools you’re using to create your site, and the articles that are shaping your own arguments.)

As always, if you have any questions about these items, please drop me a line. I’ll try to be in my office as much as I can for the next week, so let me know if you need to come by during a time other than my “official” office hours. Good luck wrapping things up!